dreamship: (dead [TK])
2014-07-13 10:11 pm

boom boom boom [CLAP]

It's been a weird, weird week.

Been missing someone, but I'm not making any moves.

I'm also living in a mess. I haven't unpacked, and I flew in Wednesday morning. I should... at least pull out my dirty clothes for my mom.


Love Stage now.
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2012-07-26 05:44 pm

without an umbrella, standing still

I think I must be a glutton for punishment. Donated blood today, it was a challenge.

It was a very trying experience. )
dreamship: (dead [TK])
2012-04-04 11:11 am

Productivity is difficult.
dreamship: (a Sunday Smile [Robin])
2012-02-28 08:13 pm

so, tonight, let’s fool around like a bunch of kids

So my mom put some legitimate fear into an old woman today.

It made my night.

Having days like this every once in a while is fine, isn’t it? )
dreamship: (HUH? [Nodame])
2012-01-03 03:48 am

we knew that we were destined to explode

My god I reached the point of insanity.

After spending 36 hours alone in my apartment, I went outside and worked out, saw one friend who was at work, and stared aimlessly around my apartment. There are only so many hours Hoarders and Law & Order can get you, and now... I'm kinda sewing.

._. it's 3:52 am.

I spent a good hour and a half trying to write and listening to kidz bop.

I'm going to hell bed.