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Sep. 17th, 2017 09:48 pm
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She screams.

Loud against the wind in rage. How much longer must she suffer through the night for a hope she's lost long ago? She clutches her trick ax, teeth grit as she unlocks the handle and extends it -- her fingers burning for blood to be spilled. The first beast that met her blade howled in pain, the sound piercing as it echoed through the woods. Muscle and sinew tearing from joints as she swung down upon the next, eyes focused ahead.

She would get through the night, determined, knuckles turning white against the handle while she stalks her next victim. She could count the seconds of their patrols now --their steps, their grunts-- watching the torch light as it shifts through the trees as if it was all second nature. She could hear their murmurs as they look for her, unknowingly walking into her trap. She lay in wait now as dogs would sniff around bushes and trees, pulling the trigger to stun and kill.

She was getting good at this.

Her madness, they told her, could be healed. But was it really madness?

"Fear the old blood, Elisabeth." She mutters to herself, tracing her fingers along the surface of a moss covered wall. "Fear the old blood. Remember you are not a beast but a hunter. The night is not over. You will be fine."

A hunter must hunt.
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A phone-style CR chart, one of which is inspired by Trails of Cold Steel

CODE @ [community profile] yuff
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"Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Morbi eleifend vel lacus eu ultricies. Integer nec magna rhoncus, iaculis erat nec, egestas ex."

I've been on a navigation code making kick after my last one, so here's another.

HERE @ [community profile] tookthestars
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Game #1
Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur adipiscing elit. Vivamus libero lacus, rhoncus ut accumsan eget, mattis dictum leo. Nulla suscipit pulvinar laoreet. Nulla gravida tellus odio, et semper orci mattis id. Nullam nulla tellus, volutpat quis nisl posuere, sollicitudin porta turpis. Suspendisse id consequat ex, in aliquet erat. Nulla tincidunt turpis sed lacinia congue. Integer vitae diam eget massa sollicitudin finibus.

I decided to create a nav code for people with a character in two games that would rather have all the info displayed instead of behind a magic click button (not that I don't love those myself! this is just for something different).

HERE @ [community profile] tookthestars
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