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2020-04-20 02:04 am

not much to say, not much to do

s u n n y
vingt-sept ans
now at cubicle 200

name: Sunny
height: 5'9"/176cm
blood: type A+
sign+zodiac: Aquarius || earth dragon
location: grand line, America

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2014-07-13 10:11 pm

boom boom boom [CLAP]

It's been a weird, weird week.

Been missing someone, but I'm not making any moves.

I'm also living in a mess. I haven't unpacked, and I flew in Wednesday morning. I should... at least pull out my dirty clothes for my mom.


Love Stage now.
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2013-07-14 07:48 am

rum hee rum hee rum hee

Shugo Tokumaru is amazing and my weekend trip was awesome and I am going to be poor forever but I am too happy to care.
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2012-07-26 05:44 pm

without an umbrella, standing still

I think I must be a glutton for punishment. Donated blood today, it was a challenge.

It was a very trying experience. )
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2012-04-04 11:11 am

Productivity is difficult.
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2012-04-02 01:23 am

Well, I'll find the lights shining in your smile

I just realized that I never formally wrote out a concert/trip report about LA. ...granted, it's 1:24 am so I'm definitely not going to do it now, but I... probably should.

Life's been kind of hectic as usual. MEK had Capture the Flag this weekend so I was outside enjoying the beautiful spring pollen and dog allergies. For the new guys, MEK, Mu Epsilon Kappa, is my college's anime club/co-ed sorority (apparently they chose "sorority" because "fraternity" is so overused), of which I'm Historian and therefore stuck going to all of the events. And holy shit we just have a ton this month. (And here I thought preparing for All-Con was bad).

Friday we had Capture the Flag.
Saturday was the 'Big Event', a giant community service project for all the different school organizations, and we spent two hours in the glorious Texas morning picking up trash and cigarette butts from the side of the road in exchange for a free T-shirt and food.
Then next Friday I'm helping decorate Easter eggs, and Saturday is the Easter Egg Hunt... Nobody actually gave me details except "be there for this".
And then the Friday after that is the Scavenger Hunt. /deadcat

...seriously, what the hell.


This post is actually supposed to be about FTIsland. So when I went through the Spring 2012 anime list, I saw something listed under "Ozuma" which was apparently by the man who created Captain Harlock, and the art looked ridiculously old-school, so I put it on my "watch eventually list". I was talking to my roommate later and mentioned it, and she was like "oh, FTIsland's doing an opening for something" and pronounced it oddly, so I was confused at first.

But then I realized she was just pronouncing it without the U, since apparently it's written as OZMA... I think it's just both but the romanization is awkward.

BUT THEY DID THE OPENING and it is fabulous.

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2012-02-28 08:13 pm

so, tonight, let’s fool around like a bunch of kids

So my mom put some legitimate fear into an old woman today.

It made my night.

Having days like this every once in a while is fine, isn’t it? )
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2012-01-29 05:02 pm

(no subject)

...so I'm totally going to California.

I still don't know how I'm going to break this to my mom. But part of me doesn't even care.

I think I can officially call myself a BOICE now.

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2012-01-03 03:48 am

we knew that we were destined to explode

My god I reached the point of insanity.

After spending 36 hours alone in my apartment, I went outside and worked out, saw one friend who was at work, and stared aimlessly around my apartment. There are only so many hours Hoarders and Law & Order can get you, and now... I'm kinda sewing.

._. it's 3:52 am.

I spent a good hour and a half trying to write and listening to kidz bop.

I'm going to hell bed.
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2011-03-24 04:31 pm

Plurk Friending Policy

Plurk Friending Policy
[plurk.com profile] raichuu

☂ Please let me know who you are / where I know you from when adding me.

☁ If you don't let me know who you are, you might not be added.

☀ Come on guys, this is simple as hell.

☣ I rarely unfriend first, and I won't hate you if you unfriend me. Seriously.

★ modified layout originally created by [community profile] fit
★ icon made by [personal profile] fond
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2011-03-08 11:13 pm

♪ discord

Dancing lightly to an impromptu song
An illusory ring made of the future and love
Even the humblest wish from our daily lives
Is like a dream

List of Concerts, as I remember them

I really like concerts okay )