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So my mom put some legitimate fear into an old woman today.

It made my night.

We were at walmart because I wanted to fill my prescription for my inhaler. Since they weren't going to take too long, mom wanted to just wait in the parking lot. And tonight, there weren't too many people. It was enough that only the front lot spots were taken. But that also meant that almost all of the handicap spots were open. Mom and I just slid into one to the side of the doors, leaving the one next to us, one in front of us, all the ones behind us, the ones on the next row, etc. In short? LOTS OF OPEN HANDICAP SPACES.

And this woman pulled into the spot next to us. Maybe late 60s, early 70s? And she kind of calls to the open crack in my window and goes "I see you guys don't have a handicap tag on your plate." And I just looked at her, because seriously? If the parking lot were FULL, then I'd consider asking mom to move, but it was seriously open enough that SHE GOT A SPOT CLOSER TO THE DOOR. But who even freaking knew.

Anyway, I was like "You got a spot, didn't you?" And she goes "Well, you shouldn't be parked there if you don't have a tag." And I said "We're not parked. We're still here." She goes, "Well, your car is off. So you're parked there." I looked directly in front of me to the open handicap spot, then behind me to the open handicap spot, then back at her, and said "They can park in the other empty spots." It was to this that she looked at me and then said, "We'll see if the cops can't change the mind." I dared her to call them.

I then waited for her to fumble around, look at me a few times, and toy around with the idea, as well as search for her phone, until she finally pulled it out to call the police. Yes. Calling the police to tell us to move from a parking spot when there were many readily available and closer to the doors.

But mom decides to move anyway, so she rolls down my window and tells the "nosy bitch" to mind her own business. The woman then tells my mom that "God will forgive you."

Yes, because we need to bring God into this.

Mind you, my mom's a mildly religious person. She was raised Catholic and even though she doesn't really properly practice it, she's still true to her faith (ish - she hates the idea of "Churches" for being all about money but she still prays and reads the bible and stuff). So this, of course, ticked her off.

We drove a loop around the row of cars, and then mom pulled off to the side near the building (in the little "drop off" zone) and parked the car.

She then got out, noticed the woman had had her passenger's window knocked out, and proceeded to curse the woman out.

Like straight up I could hear it from a little distance away inside a car. She called her a stupid old hag, said her nosiness is probably what got her window busted, called her a bitch, told her to stay out of people's business. She even told her that she "hides behind God" and that's what made her so pathetic. Then she returned to the car and told me to go fill my prescription.

As I was walking inside, I noticed the woman kind of freaking out near the edge of her car or something. I really don't know what she was doing. She was just standing there looking scared and confused. So I went in. But then I was wondering where my mom went, since they had a line at the pharmacy, and went back to the front doors. The woman was still there, but this time she was talking to one of the young workers who was bringing in the carts. He was sitting in the little mechanical one, and she was gesturing to where my mom's car had been and just kind of looking flustered as she explained it. My first thought was, "What's he gonna do, give you a hug?"

But then I went back in and got my prescription. When I came out again, she was talking to another person. And they were looking around the parking lot. Dunno why, but whatever. Mom was also waiting outside for me, so she waved me down and I told her about the employee talking to her. So my mom decides to up it.

We got back in the car and began to drive past the doors to leave. This woman was apparently also leaving. So mom got on her tail.

And we rode on her bumper down to the end of the row of cars. My mom flashed the super brights at her twice, just as a "hey yeah you" sign, and I was in near hysterics at how the woman stopped at the stop sign for a good minute, then slowly U-turned around to another parking spot. Mom also U-turned, stopped in the lot for a few seconds, then drove off in that direction.

I seriously could not stop laughing.

Mom's pretty sure she made the woman afraid we'd follow her home, and went, "That should teach her not to mess with people."

A little overkill, but my mom got a high-five for that and I came home happy.
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