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And sometimes things just hurt. Not everything works out as planned. Nothing will be perfect. It's how life goes. There are times when things are just hard. People get hurt, people die. You'll be there with family holding hands and crying, you'll be alone in the bathroom watching the water drip from the sink. Birthdays happen. Sometimes there's cake. Relationships, make-ups, break-ups, best friends, your ex-best-friend who now hates you for no reason, that girl down the hall who you said hello to and somehow became new biffles with.

Scenes change. Fires happen. Floods, water, natural disasters, tornadoes. You might end up in a bunker. You might end up outside watching swirling clouds. You'll be excited and overwhelmed. You'll get bored and feel like throwing yourself off a cliff looking for that excitement that didn't last too long. There will be fights. There will be love and praises, hugs and kisses, shouting and laughter, tears, children being noisy, neighbors being nightmares, passive-aggressive people on the internet.

You'll get sick. You'll get better or you won't. Or your friends will get sick and they'll wonder how you're so damn lucky. Someone's going to make a fender-bender. Someone's going to total their car. Someone's doing drugs, someone knows someone trying to get off drugs. Someone's selling them. Someone's thinking about doing it and not. You'll make friends, you'll lose touch with people. You'll wonder if you're being ignored. You'll ignore people driving you up the wall. You'll lose the connection in the middle of a conversation. You'll lose the point of a conversation.

There's the good, there's the bad. It's just a reminder of life, however long our own internal clocks have to keep ticking for us. It's something that we just have to accept.

All we can do is keep going.

That's all I'll be doing.


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